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Hi everyone :)

Here are some episode ideas I thought of if ReSpooted ever does happen, I hope you like my ideas ^^

The Return Of The Spoots - Norbert and Daggett still think it's 2001, but realise that it's 2017 and try to get with the times, but fail miserably

School Days - Norbert and Daggett accidentally step into a time machine and go back to when they were kids at elementary school,  they try to give their younger selves advice on how to get through school but their advice ends up getting them into trouble

A Serenade For Treeflower - Norbert tries to come up with a song for Treeflower that he can sing to her as a serenade, but has trouble writing lyrics

Norbert's Necklace Part 1 - Norbert, Treeflower, and Daggett visit a newly opened museum in Wayouttatown which features cursed artifacts, one of them being a necklace. Norbert wears the necklace as a joke thinking it's stupid, but realises that he can't take it off, and he has powers of immortality and no pain

Norbert's Necklace Part 2 - Norbert and Treeflower do some more research on the necklace and find out about its origins, so they set on an adventure so the necklace can be taken off Norbert

Norbert's Necklace Part 3 - Norbert and Treeflower reach the necklace owner's home, and finds out that in order to get the necklace off, he must perform a challenging task

Elementary, My Dear Doofus - Norbert and Daggett become detectives when they try to help clear Barry's name over a crime he didn't commit

Siblings Day - When Norbert is busy, Treeflower is lonely so she spends the day with Bing. They have a fun day together and consider each other honorary brother and sister, and also best friends for life

Field Of Roses - When Norbert finds out that Treeflower's favourite flower are roses, he decides to make her a field of roses with a spelling of her name and a rose sculpture of Treeflower, but when Norbert finds out that another guy wants to do the same for his girlfriend, they're on a race to see who can complete the field of roses first

Montalvo Mystery - When Oxnard Montalvo calls upon Norbert and Daggett and their detective skills for help when Oxnard's friends have gone missing, it's up to Norbert and Daggett to help him solve the case

Labyrinth Of The Wish - When Norbert, Treeflower, and Daggett visit an attraction called The Labyrinth, they are on a race with other groups to get the wish before they do, and one of the groups wishes is to end the universe, so it is also a mission to save the universe itself 

A New Place - When Norbert wakes up one morning, he finds himself wearing a straitjacket in a padded room with no doors or windows. He feels like he has gone insane as he can't find a way out, but it turns out that he and many others are a part in a sinister plan by an evil organisation

Party Dam Anthem - When Norbert and Treeflower have new neighbours who are nasty and cruel, by throwing trash outside their dam, partying all night long, getting angry at them for petty reasons, and vandalising their dam, they have to find a way to get rid of their new nasty neighbours once and for all

Pass It On 2: The Passening - Norbert, Treeflower, and their friends gather around the campfire, they have a pass it on reunion, where they tell each other stories based on Doctor Who, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, South Park, and Pokemon

Dam Arrest - When Norbert and Treeflower do something bad by accident, they are put under house arrest and not allowed to leave their dam, so they must prove to the government what they did was an accident and they won't do it again, so they can be let free

Bing It On! - When Bing dares his friend to jump off the tallest tree in the forest, he falls and injures himself. Bing feels guilty, and his friend's older brother is not happy, so he challenges him to a boxing match, the loser has to jump off the tallest tree in the forest

Brother, Can You Spare A Dam? - When Daggett's dam gets destroyed by thunder and lightening one evening, he moves into Norbert and Treeflower's dam, but he makes the dam a mess and is lazy and selfish. Norbert and Treeflower threaten to kick him out unless he can prove himself worthy and re-build his dam 


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I'm a 17 year old guy from the UK who enjoys animation and theme parks. Thanks for stopping by! :)

The love of my life and my beautiful and amazing girlfriend Aspen :heart: :icondoraemonfan4life: :heart:

My best big brother Justin :iconconniethecasanova:

My wonderful big sister Summer :iconcrazy-summer-magic:

My awesome friend Daniel :iconrainbowdust8915:

My awesome little sister Kariss :iconzebraprint2004:

My fantastic little sister Issy :iconflower-bolt1:

My incredible sister Rita :iconlionandwolfe:

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